b2a59f2bb20f1e16f33ca4738db76c9cJo offers training on issues related to emotional well being, counselling & psychotherapy to voluntary and statutory organisations,schools and colleges and training event providers inside and outside of the Uk. click here to check out Jo’s recent training trip to Dubai!

Training is designed and tailored carefully to meet the specific needs of the group concerned. In addition to formal input  Jo’s training employs a creative, experiential approach which requires participants to be actively involved. Training methods include games, group discussion, working with case studies, presentations, creative thinking exercises, role play, psycho-drama & visual aids.

Jo offers training on many issues including :-

  • Counselling Skills & Telephone Counselling
  • Working Respectfully With Anger (an alternative approach to ‘Anger Management’)
  • Rape & Sexual Assault,
  • Working therapeutically with clients who have experienced trauma
  • Self Harm
  • Encouraging trauma informed practice and creating trauma informed environments
  • Eating Distress
  • Domestic Violence
  • Inner-child Work
  • Working therapeutically with lesbian, bisexual & transgendered clients
  • Heterosexism awareness
  • Working With Depressed Clients
  • Working With Suicidal Clients
  • Challenging the narrative of ‘disorder’ and diagnosis
  • Group Work Skills
  • Creative, healing interventions for clients who have been sexually abused
  • Working therapeutically with couples
  • Trauma informed couples therapy
  • Integrating cognitive behavioural therapy into therapeutic practice
  • Working With Mindfulness
  • Introduction to existential philosophy and therapy
  • Self-care For Counsellors & Personal Development
  • Dealing Effectively With Bullying (including homophobic bullying)
  • An introduction to supervision for counsellors considering supervision training

Training testimonial

Jo is a highly competent, skilled and encouraging trainer who we have used for many years now, she trains in such a way as to encourage attendees to feel safe and therefore maximises the possibility for reflection and self-analysis [read more]

Counselling Training

To discuss a specific course or your organisations training needs, please get in touch.

Jo is also part of Juliet Grayson’s team of trainers for Inter-action Training Limited

Check out the Inter-action Training website for details on the training that Juliet and her team offer

Click here to read about Jo’s recent training trip to Dubai!