Tget-attachment.aspxhis CPD event – Marketing for Counsellors & Psychtherapists is a bespoke and niche-focused workshop, designed to help professional therapists to better understand the value and importance of marketing and how excellence in this area can deliver significant value to clients.

You may be a fantastic therapist but are you marketing effectively? What does your web presence say about you? Is it congruent with who you are? Is your website (or lack of) a professional reflection of your business and services?

If a prospective new client searched on-line for you by either business name or your personal name, would you feel happy with what their findings would tell them? Is your on-line brand working for you twenty-four-seven, with a resulting flow of new enquiries?

When you send an email, are you promoting hotmail, yahoo, google or your own business name? If your target clients were to search Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or any of the main directory sites, would they find you or one of your competitors?

Where do you appear in the main search engines for both local and national searches? If word-of-mouth is key to you securing new clients, are you fully leveraging the internet to amplify your word-of-mouth marketing?

Do you blog? Should you blog? Does your on-line marketing strategy capitalise on youtube, vimeo, instagram and the numerous other sources of free leads? Are you targeting your specific on-line niche?

This marketing for counsellors, CPD event will explore how to take action towards better leveraged on-line branding and marketing whilst being mindful of the current ethical concerns for counsellors. It is a one-off bespoke day, encompassing both one-to-one and group work, structured in response to an assessment of participants current levels of awareness and their current on-line results.

Trainers Jo Watson & Jez Tromans

Jez Tromans is a Marketing Consultant of over twenty years experience, with a particular interest in helping small businesses to market effectively on-line. He has focused extensively on web based marketing since 1998, consulting for several large PLC companies, along with a countless number of more local-market focused businesses. Jez himself also has the benefit of having ‘grown-up’ around therapy and counselling, affording him a useful perspective on the sensitivity and ethical issues when marketing on-line as a counselling professional.

This training day is a direct response to interest expressed and limited spaces are available. Please contact Jo to reserve your space and we look forward to helping you to implement improved ‘marketing for counsellors’ strategies.