On Tuesday 17th May (7.30pm -9.30pm) Dr Robin Gutteridge will be joining one of my Continued Professional Development groups to deliver a 2 hour workshop on working with sexual issues.

This interactive workshop will help practitioners build confidence in exploring and managing boundaries around sexual aspects of client work. Using guided activities, scenarios and group discussion we will begin to explore language, possible tensions between personal and professional values, ethical issues and ways to manage boundaries of privacy, safety and responsibility.

As well as practical strategies, the session is intended to help participants gather useful ideas for continuing reflection andgreater awareness of their own professional development needs

Robin is a Reader in Applied Social Psychology and Innovation at the University of Wolverhampton. Her work for the Faculty of Education Health and Wellbeing involves building effective enterprise and knowledge exchange partnerships between the University, industry, employers, service users and carers in the health and care sectors.

Originally a physiotherapist, Robin is a Chartered Psychologist and an experienced teacher, researcher and mentor. She has an MA in Gerontology and was awarded a PhD for her research into long-lasting marriage. Her research interests encompass a range of topics related to health and wellbeing and service development. Robin is particularly interested in the way people use their social relationships to meet their identity development needs and as a resource for coping. In her spare time, Robin practices as a clinical supervisor, counsellor and psychosexual therapist with individuals and couples.