Homophobia & transphobia in schools

Homophobia & transphobia in schoolsTowards safer classrooms & corridors – empowering teachers and support staff to effectively tackle homophobic & transphobic bullying (tackling homophobic and transphobic bullying in schools). Jo Watson is now offering a training day for teaching staff and support staff that has the following objectives in accordance with the good practice guidelines from OFSTED.

  • to increase awareness about LGBT life and culture
  • to increase understanding about homophobia , biphobia and transphobia
  • to explore feelings and beliefs around this issue to identify the difficulties that LGBT pupils face on a daily basis
  • to explore what language is positive and what language is problematic
  • to equip staff with strategies and appropriate Interventions in a variety of challenging scenarios.
  • to explore ways in which the school as a whole could make changes in order to improve the experience of LGBT pupils
  • to identify a genuine commitment from each individual staff member to take responsibility for appropriately challenging homophobic & transphobia bullying /behaviour

This training looks at strategies for dealing with homophobic and transphobic bullying which is endemic in our schools. The training is set within the wider context of more general awareness raising about the issues of homophobia and transphobia. This allows participants a valuable opportunity to connect with their own feelings and possible prejudices towards LGBT people and culture. This means that when we move on to looking at possible challenges to homophobic bullying, language and attitudes the participants are coming from a more real, thought through place based on what they think and feel rather than simply putting into practice what is suggested. This approach to training offers the best chance to inform a positive way forward that translates directly to making school a safe and learning environment for LGBT young people. The training is informal and friendly and aims to create an open and safe space where participants can be honest and explore feelings and thoughts.

Homophobic bullying is endemic in Britain’s schools

“Homophobic bullying is endemic in Britain’s schools and affects all pupils. Nine in ten secondary and two in five primary school teachers say young people, regardless of their sexual orientation, experience homophobic bullying, name calling or harassment.” Stonewall

Jo Watson is a UKCP registered psychotherapist and an experienced trainer of counsellors, psychotherapists and mental health professionals who also works with professionals in education and many support settings. Jo integrates skills associated with a counselling training setting into issue based training in order to facilitate a truly meaningful training experience that digs deep, challenges and informs change for the better. Training requires participant engagement and uses experiential and creative techniques as well as some formal input. All training takes on board the OFSTED identified resources for good practice, and has the same shared objective of making schools a safer place for LGBT pupils. With that understood the training is then tailored as much as possible to meet specific organisational requirements. Please feel free to get it touch with Jo to discuss how she can help you meet your specific training needs.